Full Time Courses

We offer an academic, year-round alternative to school for students aged 16 plus.

Scottish Qualifications:

  • SQA National 5s
  • SQA Highers
  • SQA Advanced Highers

National 5 subjects offered include:  English and Maths.

Higher subjects offered include:  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Business Studies, Psychology, Art, Computing Science, French, Italian and Spanish.

Please contact the college directly to check which subjects and levels are available.  


Recommended entry requirements: 

Level of studyEntry requirements
SQA National 5 Students should have achieved National 4 or equivalent level of study
SQA HigherStudents should have achieved an A or B at National 5/equivalent in the subject chosen
SQA Advanced HigherStudents should have achieved an A or B at Higher/equivalent in the subject chosen


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